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Home-Based Business

If you’re conducting business from your home, there are a few things you need to know.  

There are two types of home-based businesses defined within the Town of Crossfield Land Use Bylaw:

“Home occupation” means an occupation for gain or support, excluding home offices, which shall be an incidental and subordinate use to the principle residential use and shall be restricted to the dwelling unit and accessory buildings; home occupations shall be limited to those uses which do not interfere with the rights of other residents to the quiet enjoyment of the residential neighbourhood and may include instruction, minor repair and other similar domestic activities. 

Some examples of home-based businesses that may fit under the home occupation definition are massage therapy, home- based esthetics spa, fitness studio, hairdresser, etc.  

“Home office” means a home occupation that shall not be visible from the exterior of the home and does not require or entail: 

  • clients visiting the residence,        
  • delivery or storage of goods or supplies, 
  • production of goods on site, 
  • parking other than that which is required for the residence,
  • noise associated with the use,
  • any renovations for the purpose of the use that require a building permit,
  • employment of any employees on site other than the resident, and
  • other impacts on the neighbourhood. 

 Typically, a home office would be a business that uses phone and/or computer only. 

Complete the Home Occupation Permit application form or pick one up in person at the Town Office.

Include with your application:

  • Letters of support from adjacent landowners (one on each side of your house, front, side, rear);
  • Floor plan showing dimensions of where within the home the business is being run;
  • A brief description of your business activities; and,
  • Permit application fee.


Please check the Town of Crossfield Fees and Rates Bylaw for the current application fee.

How to apply

Completed applications are forwarded to the Planning Department, Town Office, 1005 Ross Street, open Mon. to Fri., 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  The Town accepts cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard (additional service charge will apply) or debit.

Processing time

The timeline to process your application is approximately two to three weeks. Applicants may apply for a Town of Crossfield business licence at the same time as the permit; however, the business licence application will be not be processed until the Home Occupation permit has been approved.

Home Occupation Check List 

  • Letter of authorization from registered landowner, if other than applicant
  • If you will be producing food products or offering personal care services you will need to obtain health approval from Alberta Health Services.
  • Contact Revenue Canada to determine if you require a business number, GST account or payroll account. 
  • Contact Service Alberta Corporate Registries to determine if you need to register your business/trade name and if you are going to formally operate your business as a sole proprietor, partnership or incorporate it.