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Water and Sewer

The Town of Crossfield receives water from the Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission (MVRWSC), which owns and operates the Anthony Henday Water Treatment Plant, situated on the banks of the Red Deer River northwest of Innisfail.

The MVRWSC, at its discretion, may impose water restrictions on its member communities at any time. The Commission reviews water restrictions with its member communities annually.

There are four Water Restriction levels:

  • Level 1 - Restrict outside watering (lawn, garden, car washing at home, etc.) to even-numbered addresses on even calendar days, and odd-numbered addresses on odd calendar days.
  • Level 2 - Ban all outside watering and limit the sale of bulk water at the discretion of the Town (if applicable). Industrial users are requested to limit their consumption where possible until further notice.
  • Level 3 - Ban all outside watering and discontinue sales of bulk water (if applicable). Water use by industrial users and commercial establishments such as car washes is also banned.
  • Level 4 - Ban all water use except for essential services (e.g. firefighting, medical).


The water charge allows for 5,000 gallons or 22.7metres cubed (m3) of water usage for both residential and commercial services. An additional $3.35 (residential and commercial) and $3.70 (industrial) is charged for every cubic meter (or 220 gallons) of water used over the minimum. 

Sewer is added at 75 per cent of the water overage on residential and commercial services and 95 per cent for industrial services. Overdue statements are charged a seven per cent fee per bi-monthly bill.

Utility Type

 Water 22.7 m3 or 5,000 gallons

Sewer - 75% of water used.

Industrial 95% of water used

Water overage charge /m3













Please refer to the Town of Crossfield Rate and Fee Bylaw for more information.

Bulk Water

The Bulk Water Station and RV Dump Station is located at 1206 Laut Ave. between the Public Works Town Shop and the Rodeo Grounds.

Use of the RV Dump Station is free of charge. The dump station is open from May 1 to Oct. 1.

To use the Bulk Water Station you will need to set up an account. Opening an account is easy and can be done by filling out a Bulk Water Customer Application form. This form can be mailed, dropped off in person, faxed or emailed to the Town Administration Office. Once your account has been opened, you will be provided with a customer Identification number and will be able to use the Bulk Water Station.

  • Rates for bulk water are $5.25/cubic metre (m3) for residents and $7.50/m3 for non-residents.
  • Billing for use of the Bulk Water Station is done on the first of each month.

Please see Bulk Water Instructions for information on how to use the bulk water station.

Please see Waterworks Bylaw 2011-06 sec.16 for more information.