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The Town of Crossfield entered into an agreement with the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General in 2017 to dedicate an RCMP member to the Town of Crossfield. This agreement is revisited every three years. RCMP K Division, located in nearby Airdrie, provides a full-time enhanced policing position for the community.

Constable Samantha Lawrence is in town each week - alternating shifts.  Should you have a matter to discuss with her please call (403) 945-7200 - or in the event of an emergency, dial 911.

The primary function of the RCMP member is to provide selective enforcement duties and responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • General duty policing services in accordance with the Provincial Police Service Agreement.
  • Emergency Planning I Disaster Services relating to special events and policing those special events in the area
  • Bring awareness to the community with respect to:
    • domestic Violence;
    • vandalism;
    • bullying;
    • crime reduction/prevention strategies; and,
    • impaired driving and drug use.

Additionally, the RCMP member may participate in and offer other public safety programs which may include:

  • traffic enforcement, under the Traffic Safety Act of Alberta;
  • enforcement of the Gaming and Liquor Act of Alberta;
  • act as the primary liaison for the Citizen On Patrol Program; and,
  • perform the duties and responsibilities of a school resource officer.

This officer will not be providing assistance or service in regulatory control or licences of bylaws (ex. bylaws relating to animals and building inspections.) These duties are undertaken by the Community Peace Officer