Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing & Fire Permits and Fees

Effective July 1, 2021, the Town of Crossfield changed its contract inspection agency to Park Enterprises Ltd.  Park Enterprise Ltd. is an Authorized Accredited Agency in the Province of Alberta dedicated to providing you, the client, with the best service possible relating to the safety codes industry.

The Safety Codes Act requires all contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits prior to commencing work on buildings covered by the Alberta Building Code, the Canadian Electrical Code, the Alberta Gas Code or the Alberta Plumbing Code.

Any permits issued prior to July 1, 2021, will continued to be inspected and closed by  Superior Safety Codes. If you have any questions, please contact the Town office at (403) 946-5565.

Depending on the type of construction you’re undertaking, a variety of permits may be required. 

A building permit is required for:

  • Construction of a new home ( New Home Construction - FAQ's)
  • Construction of a new accessory building such as a garage or storage shed
  • Construction of a commercial, industrial or public use building
  • Construction of an addition or renovation of existing buildings
  • Undertaking any structural work such as interior partitions
  • Enclosing a porch or carport and/or a roof over a deck
  • Moving or demolishing a building
  • Reconstruction after damage (i.e. fire)

A building permit is not required when you do non-structural work such as:

  • Painting
  • Landscaping, sidewalks, driveways
  • Fencing (fence height must comply with the Town's Land Use Bylaw 2018-14)

Building permit

Electrical permit

Gas permit

Plumbing permit

Energy efficiency regulations:

Alberta Energy Code
National Energy Code for Buildings
National Energy Code 9.36 for Houses and Small Buildings 

Fire Permits

 The Fire Department may issue a permit allowing the burning of:  

  • Coal and straw;
  • Building waste; and,
  • Weeds, grass, and brush in road rights-of-way. 

The cost of the permit is $80.

Fire permits are not required when any person burns clean, dry, untreated wood or charcoal in a fire pit, outdoor fireplace and barbecue, complying with section 6 of the Town of Crossfield Fire Permit Bylaw.

Detailed information can be found in the Fire Permit Bylaw. Permits can be obtained from the Town Administration Office. Please call 403-946-5565 for more information.

Your permit, supporting documents and payment are to be submitted to the Town office located at 1005 Ross Street. Your permit and supporting documents will then be forwarded to Superior Safety Codes for their review. Electrical, plumbing and gas permits will then be issued and made available for pickup from the Town office.